randomly appearing again after 6 months lmao i’m going to try to post more now tho!! if y’all were to send me requests of what you want posted that would be cool (((~: 

Hey!! I really love your blog <3 Post more!! <3

ahhh hello!!!! thank you so much i will do my best (~:

Could you maybe post some picture of lyrics of Love Reject by them? :)

Hi omg i’m sorry i’m probably replying to this super late!! but i will try my best to have something up soon!!! 

TwentyForSeven Acoustic Minimalist Posters (please do not remove text) 

i know i rarely update this blog anymore but i just want to thank you all for following me and continuing to follow me and getting this blog to 300 followers because when i started this blog i didnt think anyone would follow me so thank you you all are rad as heck!!!!

happy new year you guys!!!! i wish you all a rad 2014!!!!


Best songs of 2013 :3

do the guys follow you on here??

only rajiv (:

this is a blog dedicated to twentyforseven. have a great day!!!!
i love you (~: